Aug 122013


Twinings are offering you the chance to Take the Twinings Everyday Extras ‘Sip to Believe’ Challenge

Twinings have 1000 boxes to give away – all you have to do is vote for the one you would like to try and tell Twinings why. Note that you will be asked to log into Facebook to Enter.

Twinings Everyday Extras tea blends have been created by Master Tea blender Mike Wright – they are designed for milk but have an extra benefit; Peppermint, Green Tea, Echinacea or Red Bush (a perfect brew for those trying to reduce their caffeine intake but wanting their normal, full bodied, rich and smooth cup of tea).

Plus, if you fancy trying one of the Everyday Extra tea blends now, you can get 50% off your first order, when you shop with Twinings – watch out for the special promo code once you have entered.

There are a number of different tea flavours to try out – Vote now!

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